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Is your organization, school, or church interested in hearing Jeff speak on topics related to the book?*

Jeff is eager to share personal and impactful talks on the following topics based on availability, which tends to improve on the weekends or with planning ahead 2-4 months.**


The Power of Elevation and Inclusion – A great talk for middle schools, high schools, or youth groups. This presentation outlines how demoting and excluding others based on race and other categorizations has measurably harmed individuals and cultures throughout history, including our present time, and how elevating and including unleashes powerful benefits. Includes historic and modern examples to illuminate key points, as well as an empowering call to action for young people to make an impact.

A White Man’s Journey to Give Up Whiteness – Essentially a personal narrative of key milestones and insights from the book Giving Up Whiteness, this presentation is brings the origin story, historic implications, and personal implications of whiteness to life and provides a hopeful and provocative path forward on how to deconstruct whiteness as a personal and national identity marker and elevate more constructive elements of


How Whiteness Effects Organizations – This presentation applies the issues of whiteness to groups and organizations and demonstrates how conscious and subconscious addiction to whiteness can derail otherwise well-intentioned diversity programs. Includes real-world examples, provocative questions for the organization to consider, and a recommended roadmap to make dramatic improvements for those ready to take on the challenge to embrace substantive positive change.

Request Jeff For Your Event

Thanks for your request! Someone will get back to you shortly.

*Any stipends or speaker fees arranged are used for advancement for diversity and equality initiatives.
**Each of these presentations can be delivered with either faith-neutral or Christian-specific faith elements, as appropriate.

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